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     Currently through the efforts of our Leasing Manager - Ajay Appouh we are one of the leading leasing agents throughout Essex County. Mr. Appouh has a variety of units in both multi-family buildings and small residential properties. For the owners, we have the ability to provide full service, including screening of tenants through NTN (National Tenant Network), job verification, lease applications, move-in check list and furnishing of a full Lease.

     Our office also works closely, with a number of government and non-profit agencies to provide rental assistance: 

-Section 8                                      -American Red Cross            

-Essex County Urban League      -TRA (Temporary Rental Assistance)

-SOTA Program (NYC)

For a more detailed list of available properties please contact Mr. Appouh at (973)-519-2700.

632-634 Martin Luther King Blvd., NJ-    1 & 2 Bedroom  

1 Bedroom For Rent! -$1,122  

2 Bedroom For Rent!-$1,325

1 Bedroom Apartment at 632-634 Martin Luther King Blvd., Newark, NJ. Heat and Hot water are included. All residential residents are Section 8 approved.

1 month Rent/1 month Security.

Buying Investment Property Tips:



Determining Cash on Cash Return


-What does this mean?


Determining the return on investment against your deposit. 

Ex: If you put down a $100,000 deposit and after income and expenses you're left with $9,000, your cash on cash return is 9%.



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Tip of the Week:




   Selling an estate property by default can be a difficult process. The emotional loss can be overwhelming. This is why it is imperative that you surround yourself with a team that will patiently guide you through the disposition of the property.


1) Make sure your paperwork is in order. Who is named as executor or adminstrator for the estate? Has the paperwork been filed with the county?


2) Hire an attorney that understands family law as well as real estate law if possible. 


3) Does your realtor have experience in estate sales? Often the estate may not have the proceeds to address issues, such as clean outs, repairs or possibly relocation. Does your realtor have the resources to assist? As a whole, empathy and patience should be your guiding light until the closing!

Show Off Your Home!

Quick fixes before selling always pay off, but don’t over improve. Instead, do repairs that will pay off and get you what the home is truly worth. Best advice is to paint all the walls a neutral color, lighter colors open up the space. De- Clutter prior to listing your home… fix leaky faucets and keep the home clean at all times. For higher end homes consider staging (with a professional) to show the houses best light. Finally, depersonalize the home as much as possible. Although it’s emotionally difficult, eliminate family pics and certain art pieces that reflect you. A buyer wants to imagine themselves in the property so a blank canvas is best.


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