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Powerhouse Realty has created a synergistic model of property management between owners & tenants. The basic premise of spending money to make money applies. Our roster of "partners" provide quality housing which in turn attracts quality residents. Our intiail screening, bi-monthly visits, and prompt repsonse to repairs or impending legal action, reduces the turnover rate and thereby increases the bottom line for our "partners." Our methodology has proven successful for residential, commericial, condo associations and court/bank approinted receiverships.



Our strategy is to provide synergy between PPM and our clients, to secure, maintain, and eventually, to dispose of our clients properties in a concise, compassionate, professional, and cost efficient manner. With our collaborative efforts we will create a value added proposition for our clients, while alleviating the day-to-day issues of property maintenance. PPM has the experience and resources to evaluate, secure, maintain and or market your asset cost effectively and with the highest degree of professionalism.


Powerhouse Premier Management (PPM) operates state of the art asset management and financial software to ensure the financial accuracy of your REO’s, Non-Performing Notes, Troubled Condo /Co-Op Association, or Real Estate Holding.  Our knowledge and experience with Equator, Yardi Property Management ,Socrates, or simple Excel spread sheets for smaller properties create concise reporting for our clients.



Agents of Powerhouse Realty Manage, Lease & Consult for the following:



-BCB Bank-Receivership

-Edgewood Capital Advisors-Receivership

-Essex & Hudson County Superior Court-Receivership

-RAM Devolopers-Residential Management

-Soni Holdings-Residential Management

-Analab Condo Assoc-Residential Managaement

-Applied Development-Consulting

-Modern Development-Consulting

-Urban League of Essex County-Sales/Consulting

-Oritani Savings Bank-Receivership

-Capital One Savings-Receivership

-1st United Bank-Receivership



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Real Estate Investing: What You Need to Know

Dec 27, 2016
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Quick fixes before selling always pay off, but don’t over improve. Instead, do repairs that will pay off and get you what the home is truly worth. Best advice is to paint all the walls a neutral color, lighter colors open up the space. De- Clutter prior to listing your home… fix leaky faucets and keep the home clean at all times. For higher end homes consider staging (with a professional) to show the houses best light. Finally, depersonalize the home as much as possible. Although it’s emotionally difficult, eliminate family pics and certain art pieces that reflect you. A buyer wants to imagine themselves in the property so a blank canvas is best.


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